Statement: KWO Strongly Condemns Attack on Karen Civilian Woman by the Burma Army

The Karen Women’s Organization (KWO) condemns the brutal murder of a civilian woman, Mu Naw, who was killed at point-blank range in Karen State by two Burma Army soldiers. This unprovoked taking of a young woman’s life, a mother of three, is yet another stark and tragic reminder of the terrors the Burma Army is capable of. KWO calls for the two soldiers to be arrested, charged immediately and tried with full transparency before a civilian court. The murder of a young woman is obviously against the law both domestically and internationally.  The time is now for the Burmese government to act aggressively to put in place the most basic rule of law.

Read our statement in full English Version here.

Read our statement in full Karen Version here.

Read our statement in full Burmese Version here.

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