Get involved

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Become a KWO Member:

Complete the forms below and give them back to us. Then your membership will be complete! You can get these forms at your local KWO office, or ask the KWO representative in your community. If you have any questions or want to know more email: 

Volunteer with KWO:

If you are interested in volunteering for a minimum of three months, we are looking for support in the following areas:

  1. Teaching English as a foreign language
  2. Technical expertise and experience in these particular areas: online sales and marketing, women’s child protection law, and fundraising are currently of great need.

If you have expertise in these areas, please send us an email with your CV to We accept both self-funded volunteers and those sponsored by an organization or University. If you wish to complete a research project while you are here, this will have to be agreed in advance of arrival.

Fundraise for KWO

Due to funding cuts in all of the refugee camps, and a total ceasing of funds in Ee Htu Hta IDP Camp we are always very grateful for any donations that can be spared. These go towards providing nutritious lunches for children at nursery and in special education, contribute to our teacher’s stipends so they can continue to give children chances for development, aid in material provision and logistics for Community Awareness sessions. You can either submit the funds raised by paypal as one off payment, or transfer funds to our account. For details and to give us a heads up on expecting your donation (and so we can say thank you!) please do email us on:

Stand in solidarity with KWO

Ask your Government not to support ‘development’ projects that result in incursions on Ethnic owned land, raise the voice of activists who have been jailed in Burma and lobby for their release, reflect on what it may be like to have to leave your home and be confined to a refugee camp, talk about this with your friends and spread awareness. We all want to be safe, and free, and happy.

KWO is an ethnic women’s community-based organization that empowers women so they have capacity and power to solve their own problems and participate in decision-making that will affect their lives. Morden by Automatic theme, customised by KWO, copyright 2019

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