Urgent Call for Support for Flood Victims

KWO is urgently calling for support for those impacted by recent flooding in Ei Htu Hta camp. As of 24 August 2020, water levels in the Salween River continue to rise. As a result, recent flooding along the river banks has damaged homes in nearby villages and Ei Hta Hta IDP camp. The flooding hasContinue reading “Urgent Call for Support for Flood Victims”

Op-ed: Pandemic aftermath threatens refugee livelihoods

The following op-ed was published in the Bangkok Post by KWO Joint Secretary 1, Naw Ta Mla Saw and Maggi Quadrini. As the Covid-19 situation in Thailand eases, and the kingdom gradually lifts movement restrictions, the needs of refugees living along the border with Myanmar in camps must not be overlooked. Over the past fewContinue reading “Op-ed: Pandemic aftermath threatens refugee livelihoods”

Naw K’nyaw speaks to Sydney Morning Herald

General Secretary of KWO -Naw K’nyaw Paw- is featured in the Sydney Morning Herald highlighting the major decrease in funding to the refugee camps and the negative impact this is having on the mental health of those living there. The article touches on many key issues, including the challenges of refugee return, support for thoseContinue reading “Naw K’nyaw speaks to Sydney Morning Herald”

KWO Chair Person Speech on 34th Anniversary in Karen Version

Please download the full message here; KWO Chair Person Speech on 34th Anniversary of KWO On 5th of April 2019, KWO will mark the 34th Anniversary of KWO establishing. KWO would like to thanks all our donors, funders and all supporters for standing with KWO in promoting human rights, women’s rights, Child right, Gender equality,Continue reading “KWO Chair Person Speech on 34th Anniversary in Karen Version”

Urgent Appeal Letter For Funding for KWO’s Early Childhood and Special Education Lunch Program

As of April 2019, KWO will no longer receive support for the lunch programme provided through our Early Childhood Education project and Special Education project. KWO does not want to cut the lunch programme. Now more than ever, the vulnerable in the camps, need our support. “Our project promote Inclusive Education, conducts play sessions and home visits and supports the families of the disabled, including very young children with disabilities.Continue reading “Urgent Appeal Letter For Funding for KWO’s Early Childhood and Special Education Lunch Program”

KWO Statement on International Women’s Day 2019

KWO Statement on International Women 2019 Burmese VersioThe Karen Women Organization (KWO) welcomes another International Women’s Day. Our themes for this year is “Courage to Speak, Ending Impunity Now”.  This year marks the 108th year of International Women’s Day. It is extremely important that we look back to celebrate the progress and achievements of womenContinue reading “KWO Statement on International Women’s Day 2019”

Karen Women’s Organization Receives International Women of Courage Award

Karen Women’s Organization International Women of Courage Award March 6, 2019 Naw K’nyaw Paw and the Karen Women’s Organization (KWO) are honored this year to accept the “International Women of Courage Award” from the US State Department.  Naw K’nyaw Paw is accepting the award in Washington DC on behalf of the KWO. We were givenContinue reading “Karen Women’s Organization Receives International Women of Courage Award”

KWO Statement in Support of the Karenni Students’ Protest Against Burmanization

Karen Women’s Organization Statement in Support of the Karenni Students’ Protest Against Burmanization 12th February 2019 The Karen Women’s Organization calls on the NLD Government and the Burmese military-run police to show respect both for indigenous history and for peaceful protest.  We believe that before we can have true peace in our beloved land weContinue reading “KWO Statement in Support of the Karenni Students’ Protest Against Burmanization”

Uncertain Future!

From Karen Women’s Organization and Karen News The IDPs return home with dignity and safety? “We do not dare to go back because of the landmines that are planted in the fields where we make our living. If we go back, we could lose our limbs at any moment.” Currently, the Burma Army’s operations inContinue reading “Uncertain Future!”