Education Program

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The KWO Education Program provides services and advocacy to promote education in our community. We provide schooling where there are gaps in existing education mainstream services in the refugee camps, and in areas in Karen State. We run short term training and longer term education projects designed to afford better opportunities for Karen women and children, and assist them in realizing their potential. Our education work includes education opportunities for children with special needs, early childhood education, support for unaccompanied children, a leadership program for the future generation of young women, and many courses to expand the knowledge and skills of leaders and staff, and community members. We see all education as a path to empowerment.

Where there are challenges in existing mainstream education services, KWO’s education team works to close these gaps in the refugee camps and areas in Karen State by running short and long-term training for staff and the community. We do this by advocating for their right to access and promote child safety and early child development as well as build the capacity for women’s leadership and empowerment. We also place a significant emphasis on promoting community education system that focuses on preserving Karen culture. Under the education program, we supported access to 42,213 to people receiving services in the community including students, parents and teachers.

An important component of the education program is parent education, which
encourages parents to promote their child’s education. This includes invitations
to join and participate in international rights days such as Deaf Day, which
contributes to breaking harmful taboos around learning or physical disabilities.

Projects under the Education Program

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