Organising and Information Sharing Program

Photo Credit Saw Mort

Organising and Information Sharing Program:  KWO does a wide variety of information gathering and sharing, advocacy, women’s empowerment, and community mobilization. We conduct training, events and activities around: women’s rights, indigenous rights, and peace building in the camps and in Karen State.  We work with women and those who need help to raise their voices, advocating on behalf of vulnerable groups in our community.  We also have a wide variety of leadership roles and development opportunities available to women, so that they have the courage and ability to speak for themselves, as well as advocate for their communities. Community-mobilization activities are how KWO works directly with the community to be the most reliable, trusted voice in the community and connect on various issues. This is not a one-way approach. We listen and document their concerns so that we can share them with stakeholders who can help change the situation in the camps and in Karen State. Between 2018 and 2019, there were 51,791 beneficiaries (15,484 in 2018 and 36,307 in 2019).

Projects under the Organising and Information Sharing Program

KWO is an ethnic women’s community-based organization that empowers women so they have capacity and power to solve their own problems and participate in decision-making that will affect their lives. Morden by Automatic theme, customised by KWO, copyright 2019

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