Resource Centres

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Resource Centres

We run a total of 20 Centres and Offices. KWO runs 2 main Resource Centres in towns in Thailand, plus 18 smaller contact centres and offices in Karen State and in the refugee camps. The Resource centres and Contact centres in towns receive appropriate administrative support for their size and responsibility. 

Each of the two main central KWO Resource Centres are well-equipped, and provide venues for trainings, meetings, workshops, and ceremonies; they are a vital internal and community resource. They are the work stations for more than 60 women working full-time in KWO. They are also a space for meeting and informal forum where community issues arise. All 18 KWO offices or contact centres in the camps and in the districts act as venues for similar purposes, they are just smaller than the main offices.

The implementation of all of KWO’s work and its funded projects in all sites requires assistance from the staff and resources which are in the offices and Centres: logistical support, purchasing of materials, transport, communication, manual labor, shared problem solving, security management, assistance in coordinating with NGOs and UN agencies, and project advisement, workspace and access to computers, Internet, fax, and phone, safe places to file  information both electronically and as hard copies, storage spaces, etc. Some of KWO’s funded projects contribute a share of these costs through a 10% administration charge that KWO introduced to each project’s proposal and budget in the past but sadly this is never enough to cover all the costs of 20 centres/offices. Morden by Automatic theme, customised by KWO, copyright 2019

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