Every child is entitled to an education and to live as full a life as possible.
Burmese refugee children with, or without, disabilities deserve the same. Karen
refugees from Burma have lived in camps in Thailand for a long time. We formed
Karen Women’s Organization to strengthen and serve our community. There
were no Special Education services for our children. We could no longer watch
our children languish in dark corners at home with their parents who had no
support and little knowledge. So we built a Special Education project for
ourselves. We trained a group of refugee women to work with our disabled
children and support their parents. We raised money. We changed lives.

Tragically, our financial support has been severely reduced as newer refugee
crises have pulled resources. We need your help to continue this vital program.

Special Education

The children need their teachers, and they need you to help!

With you as a sponsor, an SE teacher can continue her work, and 5-10 children under her care, will not be hidden away in a dark corner.

There are 11 SE Centres in the 7 Karen refugee camps, and KWO has expanded our services to over 50 villages within Karen State in Burma. There are over 700 children with disabilities enrolled for 2019-20. Some receive home visits, some attend daily small group learning in SE Centres, and some receive classroom support while in a mainstream school classroom. All receive nutrition and hygiene assistance.

Special Education 2

When you become a sponsor through our website with PAYPAL, we will register you and send you a confirmation email and a request for some additional information so we can keep track of your sponsorship.

All sponsors will be matched with one SE teacher, so you can learn more about her work and life and, if you choose, you can communicate with her by letter, through KWO. You will be the only sponsor for your teacher.

If you want to pay your sponsorship through a bank transfer, instead of paypal, you can Sign Up to Be a Sponsor by sending us an email:

  • to KWO central office in Thailand: kwocentral@gmail.com
  • Or to the contact person in your country. (not available in all countries)

We will send you a confirmation reply. And the next step: fill in a short registration form which we will send to you so we can keep track of your sponsorship.

How you can pay your sponsorship (Calculated in $US):


  •  You can pay monthly, or
  • You can pay for 6 months (180$US) in
    advance, then in a few months time, pay
    another 6 months. or
  •  You can pay the full 12 months upfront


  • You can pay your sponsorship by
    PAYPAL on KWO’s website. (in $US)
  • Or you can transfer money to the KWO
    bank account in Thailand. (Banks
    charge a fee for this service.)
  • Or you can transfer money to a contact
    person in your country. (not all
    countries have this option)

In Australian and Canadian dollars, it’s about $1.30 per day. = 39$AU/month = 234 $AU for 6 months = 468 $AU for 12 months.

 Please note, when you pay by PAYPAL, our Donations Co-ordinator, Jill Hurst, will
receive your donation and forward it on to us.

Teacher- Naw Paw Eh Po Pris

Teacher-SponsorMy name is Naw Paw Eh Po Pris. Our Karen names all have meanings. My name means “Small Love Flower”. I am 24 years old and I am a Special Education Teacher in Mae La Oon refugee camp. I’ve been working in the KWO SE Project for 6 years. I’m married and have 3 children.

I felt a bit nervous this year in my work as I have been promoted to the position of School Director. I used to be an SE teacher in the Early Intervention Program (EI) and I worked closely with young children to help them be more independent and healthier. 

The ex-School Director worked in that position for 10 years. I do have 6 years of working in the SE project, but I am afraid it is not enough for all the responsibility I will have. Lucky for me the ex-School Director is still in the camp, and he is always available for me to ask questions. He is now a member of the Camp Committee, our local governance structure for our camp. He is very supportive and encouraging. He gives me advice about the administration and management work for the project and how to organize the training for the other SE teachers.

Every day I leave my home at 6 am and I get home in the evening at about 7pm. In the early mornings and evenings, I do my preparation and admin work while it is quiet in the Centre. I walk from my home to the SE Centre. There are two SE Centres in my camp, and my house is not far from the original older Centre up the very steep hill in Section 10 of the camp. 

As School Director I continue to work with the children directly. I have several children I am responsible to teach. In another way, I feel I am responsible for all the children with disability in the camp. Quite a few of the SE Teachers in our camp are new this year, so they need a lot of support to learn the skills. The town-based project trainer comes to the camp and helps me to give training to all the teachers. We all work together as a team. We have a good team spirit. It would not be possible to do this work without a strong team feeling. We give each other a lot of support and we get support from the children’s family members and from community leaders. So we are able to do our best for the children.

It’s a very challenging situation living in as a refugee, although we are used to it. We are very isolated in the mountains, and everyone here is poor, so we have to depend on outside people to give us basic materials we need, like food and building materials. 

I love working with the children. I feel excited and interested in this work. I hope to learn more and more and so I will be a better teacher. Most families with children with disability are more poor than other families. I can see that the material and moral support they receive from the SE Project is very helpful for them. I work with the parents and siblings as well to help them care better for their child or their brother or sister who has a disability and who needs more help than other children. Some families do support their child a lot, and I can observe that their child makes more improvement than the child whose family puts in less effort. 

I’d like to say to our sponsors that we all here really appreciate you. You must be very kind people because you agree to help us but you have never seen us or met us. In the past we only heard about sponsors for children. Big international NGOs had programs like that. We never heard that teachers could have sponsors too! It makes us feel that we are valued. That people close to us, and far away from us, appreciate our work. With the financial support from sponsors and other donors our SE project can run, and that means us teachers can offer all these services and support to the children. Your support makes me feel stronger! Thank you.

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