What we do

Photo Credit Hsar Doe Doh Moo of KESAN all other pictures on this page Saw Mort

KWO delivers work under 4 Programs, the 4 programs are: Organising and Information-Sharing, Education, Health, and Social Welfare. Work under these programs includes: service delivery, advocacy, awareness raising, and capacity building which are threaded throughout our projects. From delivery of baby kits with community health and nutrition education, to ensuring safe accommodation for women while developing Women’s Protection Laws, to developing young women from our Communities to become leaders and offering human rights training to a variety of stakeholders, and beyond.

KWO believes that empowering women will help reduce human rights abuses and encourage an end to discrimination against women. We believe that women have a right to be properly represented in politics and society at large. And we believe that the whole community is better off when women play an equal role with men in decision-making. The 15 individually funded Projects which KWO currently implements in refugee camps and Karen State, run under our 4 programs, and have over 80,000 beneficiaries.

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